Clear Tinnitus, 60 capsules

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colin white
Rating: 1

it dosnt work

it dosnt work Message from Supplement Spot: Colin, Clear Tinnitus works for roughly 85% of the customers. We guarantee everything we sell. Please contact us for a refund because we cannot find a Colin White ever making a purchase with us.

Rating: 2

Didn't Work For Me

I tried two bottles of this, and it did not help my tinnitus at all. I know that it has helped others, it just did nothing for me. I hope it works for you. This is a miserable condition. Message from Supplement Spot: Joseph, we are sorry Clear Tinnitus did not work for you. It helps most but not all. We want nothing but happy customers. As promised, we will issue you a refund.

Rating: 2

Not worth buying

This product didn't help at all. I took up to 6 capsules a day and there was no change in my tinnitus. I will not buy any more of this product. Message from Supplement Spot: Ted, we're sorry Clear Tinnitus did not work for you. We find that it works for about 85% of the customers. We guarantee all our products and will refund you for the cost of the product. Please reach out to us and we'll refund you immediately. Sincerely, Casey Borgers, President

Rating: 5


my husband has been using this product for a number of years now and loves it.

Rating: 4

service & effect

no improvement yet but still early. service good! Message from Supplement Spot: Thanks for the review even though it is too early to tell. Please keep in mind that we guarantee everything we sell and with no questions asked. Clear Tinnitus works for about 85% of the customers. If you end up being the 15%, contact us! We will make it right. Live Long and Love Life Your friends at Supplement Spot