Healthy Progesterone Cream, 4 oz

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Susan Bean
Rating: 1

I have just received an email asking for a review of the Progesterone cream. I would love to review if I had the cream to use?!! It is 3 weeks today since the cream left the USA, how has it been shipped a slow boat around the world!! Would never have ordered if I'd know shipment would take so long. I have been in touch with customer services , no reply. Never again

Rating: 5

A great natural product. I have tried numerous other brands, and this one is simply the best, and at a very good price.

Very well formulated for good absorption. The dispenser works very well. The gel is good too, but I generally prefer the cream. I read the reports by Dr. John R. Lee and use his advice as a guide for usage, so a measuring spoon is the only way for me. I bought the report he wrote- "Hormone Balancing for Men" through his website, which includes research references.

Rating: 2

Who knows? Applicator broke during shipment so I never got a chance to use it. 

Rating: 5

Balancing hormones

This is great for helping balance hormones in an aging male.

Rating: 3

Great Product

I have been using this progesterone cream for many years now. It is a great product. My sister recommended it to me, and now I recommend it to everyone that needs a boost. I wish it didn't cost so much, as I'm a single low income woman. I have been searching for something similar, that might cost less. Just can't find the quality that this one is.

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