Essential Prostate Cream, 4 oz

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Rating: 4.5

prostate cream

This is a really good product and thank God I don't have to buy it in a store. :) quick shipping too.

Rating: 4

good cream

great complement to your Maximum Prostate.

Rating: 4

Highly Recommended

I have used this cream on a daily basis for several years, and found it essential I maintaining a suppleness that is so essential for me. It may perhaps also helped in the general health of the prostate. I would have preferred if the packaging was also in an open vase format so that one need not cut out the container to remove most of its contents since the later half of the contents is not accessible from the puffing mechanism.

Sharon Matt
Rating: 5

Remarkable results

I spent some time checking my husband's medical records. In the ten or so years he has been using the prostate cream, his PSA reports have remained low. In 2003, his PSA was .3. His most recent test in 2011 indicated a PSA of .83. I attribute these remarkable results to the Healthy Prostate Cream. At his age (72), most of our male friends have had prostate problems including cancer. His younger brother had prostate cancer and treatment. We use the saliva test yearly to make sure that his levels of hormones are correct. People usually don't believe his age because he does not look 72. Hormones play a critical role in one's health and aging. I attribute his well-being to learning about this product when we did. He is on no prescription medications. I wish more people would be interested in preventive care and natural supplementation. Maybe we wouldn't need Medicare as much.

Laurie Maloney
Rating: 5

Can feel the difference

I have been using the Healthy Prostate cream for almost a month and can feel a difference in my energy level and seem to be loosing weight, an unexpected side effect. I plan on reordering when I finish this bottle. Best regards, Mike Maloney

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