Melatonin, 180 tablets, 5 mg

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jan heaton
Rating: 5


Great product. You can get larger dose tablets but when I've done the math, so far, it's always worked out cheaper to buy 5mg x 180 capsules. I am an x nightshift worker and my sleep patterns are bad. I know I can take Melatonin and not fear addiction. Delivery very prompt.

Rating: 5

Great Product

The shipping is very good - 9-10 days to Australia and the product works every night.

Rating: 5

My sleep has greatly improved & I wake refreshed. Delivery time was prompt.

The tablets were delivered to Australia within 10 days, which was pleasing. Packaging was good. Within 4 or 5 days of commencing Melatonin use my sleeping improved. I'm now sleeping regularly, 6 to 7 hours & waking refreshed.

Rating: 5

Fast shipping and great product that works at a great price

Rating: 5

Good night

Help me sleep better, great product. Thanks.