Natural Progesterone Cream, 4 fl oz

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Rating: 5


Your progesterone cream has been a godsend. And the lady who took my order and answered my questions was wonderful. I will buy again... and again and again.

Rating: 2.5


After three bottles, I did not experience one single benefit from this cream. It may work for some, but clearly not for everyone. I am menopausal, so maybe that could be the reason. Message from Supplement Spot: Rose, we are sorry our Natural Progesterone Cream did not help you. It helps thousands of ladies everyday. We want nothing but happy customers. Please contact us for a full refund.

Rating: 4.5


I am on my second pump bottle of progesterone cream where it is extremely difficult to impossible to pump the cream. I have used this product for a number of years and have not experienced this problem until now. I hate to waste anything, but even with turning the bottle upside down the product does not fall so I can use it. Value is rated low because I cannot get the product dispensed. MESSAGE FROM SUPPLEMENT SPOT: Since you wrote the review anomalously, we don't know who you are to send you a new bottle. We want nothing but happy customers and we hope to see that your review was posted so you can contact us to replace your bottle of Natural Progesterone Cream. Live Long and Love Life Supplement Spot

Rating: 4.5

this product works!!

I began using this Natural Progesterone Cream when I was going through the throes of Menopause. I am still using it 18 years later. It has made a huge difference in my feeling of well being and clarity of thinking. I highly recommend it!!

Rating: 4

Jury still out

I have a suspicion that something I am suffering from may be improving ... watch this space. With thanks

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