Natural Progesterone Gel, 4 fl oz

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Rating: 5


I've used this product for several years (on the insides of my forearms) and my bloodwork shows I'm getting the results I want. The volume discount makes the gel really affordable.

Rating: 5


A really good product!

Rating: 5

Great Product

I've used natural progesterone for many years as I had a full hysterectomy at a young age - this is by far the best one. I am also very sensitive to a long list of chemicals/additives and this product is as close to pure as they come - I'm grateful it is available.

Jennifer Parker
Rating: 5

Have been buying this for years and recently for a friend who is peri menopausal - she's absolutely sold on it! Has reduced her night sweats down to zero - just magical. 

Rating: 5

So far, it seems like a good quality product.

So far, it seems like a good quality product.

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