Pregnenolone 100mg, 90 caps

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Ken Muraco
Rating: 5

Great product, great service. You can't go wrong with The Supplement Spot .

Rating: 3.5

Have no complaints

Thank you for providing me with a great product for a reasonable price with extremely fast delivery. You guys are great !

Rating: 4.5


I feel myself very well, more vital and in a good mood. I am taking Pregnenolon for several years regularly and enjoying it.

Tracy M
Rating: 4.5

DHEA to Pregnenolone

I switched from DHEA to your pregnenolone 100 mg about 3 months ago. I feel more balanced. Your customers should consider pregnenolone of DHEA in my opinion. Thanks for the quick service.

Rating: 4.5


this is the third and last brand of Pregnenolone I will try. the 2 brands before Supplement Spot, I tried for a steady 2 months each. My last effort to see if pregnenolone is me and I find Supplement Spot. It is changing my life. Who would've thought one company could get it so right and 2 more well known companies could get it so wrong. Customer for life.