No Pain Capsaicin Lotion

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Rating: 4

Excellent product a long way away

Th product is excellent - and if you buy 5 -6 at a time the postage from overseas isn't too bad. The roll on version is essential or, even after you've washed your hands, your eyes will sting if you touch them. This company is very easy to deal with and professsional - i.e. they do what they say they will

Rating: 4.5


I have been using No Pain Capsaicin Lotion for years. It has been a God sent for my should\er and neck pain. I have been buying No Pain for over ten years from SupplementSpot and have been satisfied with the services.

Rating: 5


I bought my No Pain Lotion thru Amazon, but I thought this lotion deserved a review on the seller's page, so here it is: I used to use Neurocream, but the manufacturer discontinued it. I have neuropathy, and the ball of my feet get very painful. This is the same strength as what I used to use, and has no odor. I'd say it cuts my pain in half & that makes it easier to tolerate. You can tell it's started to work in a few days, but does take some weeks achieve maximum results, like any other of the capasaicin creams. I personally don't feel any burning from the cream in cool weather & sometimes just a bit in warm weather. I will likely be a regular customer of this stuff, as most of what you find in the local store does not have a roll on applicator like this lotion & the price is fair.

Rating: 4

super nul!!!

I was very content of this Lotion but last products(5) I received has a big problème, I can not to use product because lotion stay in bottle!!!!! sorry for my english MESSAGE FROM SUPPLEMENT SPOT: Elizabeth, since you wrote the review as a guest, we cannot find you in our system. So we hope you see that your review was posted. Please contact us about the malfunctioning bottle. We will replace it immediately.

Rating: 5

Excellent for pain!

I wake up with hip & low back pain every morning. I also have a long commute and and sit in front of a computer all day, which kills your back. I now use this roll-on once a day after showering in the morning. It dries very quickly. Seriously, I feel NO PAIN for the rest of the day. One bottle lasts several months. It works and I love it. It's impossible to find this locally or online - so please keep selling it!