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Rating: 4.5

My experience with Essential Prostate Pack

Just a few words but that say everything I think about the 2 supplements I buy from Supplement Spot, being one of them the Essential Prostate Pack: I take this supplement since it appeared. It is one of the most complete supplements to the health of prostate that I have ever seen. It is not properly cheap and, since I live in Portugal, the amount I pay for the shipping and handling is also a little expensive. Even so, and until I can afford it, I will continue to take it. NOTE: a portion of this review has been removed due to FDA and FCC compliance. Supplement Spot is not allowed to claim that any of our products can treat or cure any disease or ailment. This even goes for customer reviews. But thank you for the kind words.

Rating: 4.5


Really a good setup and the only thing that's helped. Wish it was cheaper but not having to get up 5 times a night is worth it.

shawn parsons
Rating: 5

I've used this product for some time now, IT WORKS!!!!

Rating: 5

My results after starting taking Essential Prostate Pack

I take this supplement since I noticed it the prostate supplements list. I can only repeat what I have just said relatively to Maximum Prostate. I can affirm that it has contributed greatly to: THIS PORTION OF THE REVIEW HAS BEEN DELETED. SORRY, BUT THE FDA WILL NOT ALLOW US TO SAY THAT ESSENTIAL PROSTATE PACK CAN CURE OR TREAT A DISEASE OR AILMENT. THIS GOES FOR CUSTOMER REVIEWS AS WELL. BUT WE THANK YOU FOR THE KIND WORDS.

Rating: 5

more than just a prostate supplement

I thought I'd mention that my initial thought about Essential Prostate Pack was the cost but when I examined the ingredients, I was able to stop purchasing Vitamin D, Curcumin, DIM and zinc. Take those purchases away and the cost is pretty easy to swallow. Not to mention all the other nutrients you are getting for overall health. Seriously, you should just name it Essential Pack instead. Great product

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