Graviola, 650 mg

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Bob Hardison
Rating: 4.5

What has happened since I rec'd my graviola

REVIEW DELETED Message from Supplement Spot: Thanks for the kind words Bob. We love hearing good things from our customers but we are not allowed to make claims that our supplements can treat or cure any disease or ailment. It's against FDA regulations. This also applies to customer reviews. Feel free to boast about our Graviola on forums not associated with Supplement Spot. In fact, we hope you do! Live Long and Love Life Your friends at Supplement Spot

Rating: 5

I will stand by this product

It helped me a whole lot and I am very thankful

Rating: 4.5

great product

Your graviola is superior to what I was buying.

Rating: 5


Graviola is the only thing I have purchased from this company, but it seems to be of excellent quality, and that is MOST important to me since I desperately need this product for my health. I have tried other "natural" brands of this supplement, and theirs (while being from a VERY reputable company) just did not quite give the highest results that Supplement Spot's graviola did. My sincere appreciation for offering quality, QUALITY supplements.

Rating: 5


money well spent

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