Advanced Retinol A Cream

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Rating: 5

using it since 10 years

I m in my early seventies and taking advanced Retinol since 10 years. My skins is still not sagging, wrinkles around eyes are gone, brown spots diminished. Im very satisfied!

Rating: 5

Good product

This cream seems to show evidence of improvement. I haven't used it very long so I will have to see. Gave a small amount to my daughter to try. A friend of mine suggested I try it.

Rating: 4.5

improve bottle

This is a fantastic face cream . It feels creamy and I might have less visible wrinkles but I like it for the way my face feels after applying it. My one criticism is the packaging. The pump stops dispensing the cream from the bottle long before it is empty and I must use another tool to reach down to get the cream out.

Rating: 5

great value

You make an excellent skin cream. The price is great and the bottle lasts forever. Fast shipping too. A friend showed me your retinol cream in the spring. i love it!

Chaarya Somasiri
Rating: 5

Amazing product!

I'm not too much into make up and I was looking for a product that will give that natural healthy glow without having to try too hard. That was exactly what this product delivered! The first day itself I could see the difference : my skin was smoother, calmer and more radiant. I'm only 3 days into using this and I know this is going to be a staple in my skin care. It absorbs right in and the moisturisation is wonderful- I don't need to use another product on top just for moisturisation as I sometimes had to do in the past. It performs a hundred times better than those pricey potions out there. Thanks a bunch for this and keep up the good job! :)