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Rating: 5

May need another round for me

I used Nicoban in the past and quit for 3 years. Then I let my sister and her kids move in and with that stress started smoking again. I just recently ordered it, and it's not working so great this time around. Though I do believe it's a great product. I'm wondering if I should order another kit to take. MESSAGE FROM SUPPLEMENT SPOT: Heather, there is no need to order again. We guarantee everything. You need to just contact us and we will ship you a new Nicoban. We would contact you ourselves if you left your last name in the review. We hope you see this and contact us. Live Long and Love Life!

Rating: 4.5


it worked! that's all I need to say.

Rating: 4.5


I bought Nicoban 3 years and it worked until recently. I started smoking again after a vacation to Mexico with a bunch of smokers. I'm happy to see that nicoban is still available so I can quit again. it works!

Nick an saved my life!
Rating: 3.5

I'd racomand this product to anybody!

I took Nicoban in 1967,because I was a heavy smoker. i smoked 2 packs per day. For me took longer time before I stopped smoking. I had to take the full set of 90 days, but the results were good, and now if I smell cigaret smoke, I walk away, because it bothers me! Thank you Nicoban!!!

Rating: 4.5


I tried this product a few months back and it worked that well and that fast that it caught me completely of guard as i did not expect the results that i got from Nicoban. . All in one week, so i did a bad thing and started smoking again basically because i had nothing to do with my hands so i have ordered another lot and this time i will be ready and will quit for sure, thanks for a great product.