Z Care Spray

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Rating: 5

Z Care Spray

This by far is an excellent product. Flare ups from rashes and bumps are relieved by Z care. The price and product are great and a big thank you for making this available to those that are suffering with conditions that are not relieved by stored bought products.

Rating: 5

This product is amazing!

I have contact dermatitis that I had to use steroid cream or Skin Cap on which made my skin so thin that it would crack and peel horribly. I noticed an ingredient in Skin Cap was zinc pyrinthione so after a little research I decided to try this Z Care and I am so amazed and happy that it actually works so good. It has stopped outbreaks in their tracks and no more cracked and thin skin. Thank you for such a wonderful product.

Fran Kippling
Rating: 4.5


I can now go out on the town because of this stuff. Where have you been all my life!

Rating: 3.5

Good Product

This is a good product, I think if the alcohol was reduced or eliminated and the only active ingredient was the zinc pyrithone it would be a greater value. The problem with alcohol is it dries the skin and that can exacerbate the problem you're trying to fix. Same with salycylic acid. Also there are products with 2% zinc instead of .25%. Why not make this product 2%? For this reason I am discontinuing use of this product and moving to the 2% zinc shampoos on the market.

Mike Solmen
Rating: 5

Z Care Miracle

Before I found Z Care, I thought I had a rash, reaction or some sort of acne. I constantly had redness/blotche-s near my nose and especially on my forehead. I lived with it for quite a while until a guy at a Verizon Wireless kiosk was helping me with a new phone and asked my bluntly “is that contagious”? I went to the doctor and he thought it might be rosacea? He gave me some small samples of a prescription medication (cream) and told me to apply it two or three times a day. When the samples ran out I was shocked at the cost of the prescription so I looked for some other remedy. The cream didn’t seem to be working anyway! I found your site and figured I’d try the Zinc spray. It worked and it is MUUUUUCH cheaper than the prescription!!! Now I spray my face once in the morning and no more redness/blotche-s. I hope you never discontinue this product because I don’t know what I would do without it.