Kojic Acid Skin Lightener Cream

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Alison Rowat
Rating: 5

Helps my melasma

I have melasma on my forehead, temples, and cheeks. Likely birth control related but I have endometriosis and must take hormones. I have prescription 4% hydroquinone but it seems to make my melasma WORSE because it lightens around the melasma. I have had all kinds of things done, the best results have been from LaseMD, but those treatments, that are done 4 weeks apart (3 of them) are $500 each (so $1,500). I was told do get SkinBetter Science products to use after LaseMD, which I have done, but that regimen is another $1,500 for about 2-3 months worth of products. I read that Kojic acid can help melasma, and ordered my first bottle of this Supplement Spot Kojic Acid from Amazon. It has helped better than almost anything else, noticeable difference in melasma reduction so I’m on this site ordering 2 more bottles, one for home and one for my suitcase. It has helped me, and I have a real stubborn case of it. And I hate wearing makeup. I hope it can help others with melasma. I put it on all over my face and then a second coat on the worst spots. I wash my face often because I work out and always re-apply, then put on sunscreen. I’ve always used sunscreen, but I haven’t always used this product until recently, and it works better than the SkinBetter Science which is way more expensive. Thank you for providing it!!! I’m going to try it on my hands for age spots too, not sure if it will help because I wash my hands so often, but it DID help my face and I’m thrilled. 

Rating: 4.5

Kojic Acid gradually lightens dark spots on the skin

2/28/18 I am still evaluating it but Kojic Acid seems to gradually lighten dark spots on the skin when used on a regular basis.

Rating: 1


The WORST THING You can EVER SPEND YOUR MONEY ON.. Message from Supplement Spot: Capt, we are sorry you are not happy with our Kojic Acid Skin Lightener Cream. Most people like it but it's not for everybody. Keep in mind that we guarantee all our products. We are unable to find your order based on the name you gave on the review, but if you read this, please contact us and we will not hesitate to refund you the cost of the product. Always know that we want nothing but happy customers. Live Long and Love Life Your Friends at Supplement Spot

Rating: 2

No result

I have been using this product for two months now, twice a day and no spot got lighter. In fact i noticed more spots. Eventhough i live in Holland and t is winter. No sun exposure at all. i will stop using it. Very dissappointed. I do prefer products with natural ingredients. Message from Supplement Spot: Mara, there are two things you need to know. First, we guarantee all our products. Please contact us for a refund. We want nothing but happy customers. Second, Kojic Acid Skin Lightener works best for people of African and Asian descent. Those of European descent or those who have a pinkish hue instead of a brownish hue do not benefit as much. We are sorry and we hope you contact us soon. Live Long and Love Life Your Friends at Supplement Spot

Rating: 5

Great buy!

Excellent product!!! I'm about to place my second order. It does take some time to see results though but be patient.... I'd say about 3-4 week. You won't be disappointed.