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Rating: 5

Excellent product

I used it years ago because my....Review Deleted Message from Supplement Spot: Bobby, thank you for the rave review but we have to delete your it because the FDA and FCC will not allow us to make any claims that our supplements can treat or cure any diseases or ailments - not even in Customer Reviews. But it is reviews like yours that allow us to sleep well at night knowing we are providing good products for folks like yourself. Live Long and Love Life Your Friends at Supplement Spot

Rating: 5

It Works!

I've been using Flexoprin for a month and it actually does work. I do closely follow the suggestions in that I take it at night just before I eat and bedtime. The stuff works and I am a very active person. Would definitely recommend it and this company has great prices.

debbie dewiit
Rating: 4.5


I have been using Flexoprin for sometime now and it seems to help more than anything I have tried. And believe me I have tried most everything I can find. Supplement spot has it for a reasonable price and ship it out very quickly. I do take a little more then some people. It recommends you take 2 capsules before lunch or at bedtime. It seems to work best for me if I take 2 at bedtime and 1 or 2 before lunch. If I only take the 2 it doesn’t seem to help me as much. It seemed to only take a few days for it to start helping. I would highly recommend flexoprin to anyone suffering from osteo arthritis.

Sheryl Kilgore
Rating: 5

I highly recommend for anyone with knee pain

My husband has been taking the Flexoprin for about a month now, and it is definitely working! In fact, I think it started working right away, around day 2. We are amazed, and I would highly recommend your product to anyone having knee pain. Thanks, Sheryl

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