Maximum Prostate, 60 caps

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Joel Afman
Rating: 5

I was having to get up every hour at night to urinate. After 6 weeks of Maximum Prostate I only get up once or twice at night to urinate. My quality of life has returned thanks to this product. 

Rating: 4.5

First class product.

I can recommend this product, to anyone who suffers from prostate trouble. It made a huge improvement to my life.

Rating: 5

Good Product

Have used this product for several years. I find it to be a great product for prostate health.

Rating: 4.5

My experieence about Maximum Prostate

Just a few words but that say everything I think about the 2 supplements I buy from Supplement Spot, being one of them Maximum Prostate: I take this supplement for more than 15 years. My only problem is that I live in Portugal and the amount I pay for the shipping and handling is a little expensive. Even so, and until I can afford it, I will continue to take it. NOTE: a portion of this review has been removed due to FDA and FCC compliance. Supplement Spot is not allowed to claim that any of our products can treat or cure any disease or ailment. This even goes for customer reviews. But thank you for the kind words.

Rating: 3.5

It works

Not much to say except it works. Recommend it to any body.

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