Mattherma Plus

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Rating: 5


This is great for my dry skin. I'm amazed at how long 1 tub lasts. I mainly use it on my arms that get flaky easily.

Rating: 5

Great product.

Have used for several years....great for dry skin ---

Mrs. Tossing
Rating: 5

Great recommendation

A friend emailed me to point me to your website for help with my skin problems and I am so grateful. For over 3 months I had been suffering with a type of dermatitis on my face that would alternate between being very flaky and peeling and then so red and tight that I couldn't even smile without my skin cracking. I resorted to wearing a nurses hospital mask whenever I needed to go out in public. I had endured this condition in the past for which a dermatologist prescribed cortisone cream. I know there are side effects with continued use of cortisone cream and I wanted to find a viable natural alternative this time. Your Mattherma Plus Skin Healing Salve is the solution. From the moment I put in on, I felt my skin softening and relaxing. I have been using it faithfully 2-3 times per day for three weeks and I am thrilled to report that my facial condition is almost completely healed and back to normal. Thank you for creating a safe, all natural product with no parabens or preservatives that includes zinc oxide. I think that ingredient is an important key to why my skin condition is finally healing. Rest assured I will be letting others know about your wonderful skin salve. --Mrs. Tossing

Haley Rogers
Rating: 5

We love it!

We use Mattherma Plus around the office all the time. We love it!

Ginny Cenatiempo
Rating: 5

Works great!

I just want to say thanks for everything with this order. The product arrived and it works great! Love it.