Derma Rejuvenation Cream

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Rating: 4.5

Has been good over time

I started using this a LONG time ago. I did notice an improvement fairly quickly (month or two as I recall) and over the past (20?) years my skin looks younger than I am. Of course I have aged, but my skin looks much better than it would have. Of note, I am also careful with sun exposure and sunscreen application.

Rating: 3.5

Pump doesn't get all the cream out

It's hard to tell whether it's working or not; I just go on faith. (I think I should be using more, but the bottle gets used up so fast that I tend to ration a little.) I'm also very frustrated that the pump stops working when there is about 20% left of the cream in the bottle (and the opening is so small that it's hard to access all the cream on the sides and bottom of the bottle -- I can see it, but don't have any way of getting it).

Rating: 5


HI I think your product is just great I often get asked what I use and always put them on too your Derma Cream. Have also ordered for family and friends, thanks a lot

Bethany Taylor
Rating: 5

An Improvement

I am liking your Derma Cream a lot better than what I was buying (i won't name names) and it costs less too. A lot less. the ingredients are so much cleaner. My face is loving this. the product was on my doorstep in 2 days! Supplement Spot, I will be shopping on your site more often. :)

Judith Bentley
Rating: 4.5

works fast

I'm not even halfway thru the bottle and I can already tell the difference. I will definitely buy this again.