Anti-Aging Moisturizer with DHEA

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Rating: 5

Really works

This product really does help even out skin tone and firm things up a bit. I used to take DHEA internally and found that it helped my skin as well. But I had too many other problems with taking it internally, so I went the external route and am very happy I did.

Rating: 5

wonderful product, will contunue to use

Well, my 28 days have long gone and I am still seeing terrific results and will continue to use this cream. I would highly recommend this cream to anyone. It's the best I have found in 40 years of using moisturizer. It is my ONLY moisturizer for both night and day.

Rating: 5

Highly recommend

I last wrote a review on this in 2012 and am still useing and just as happy with this cream. Will continue to use, highly recommend, I have used Suplementspot for years and have found both their products and service of the highest quality

Rating: 5

Excellent product

I am 71 and am starting to really notice wrinkles on my face. I have tried many face creams, all about the same, and all equally ineffective. This cream, DHEA moisturising skin cream, appears to be different. The ad says it may take 28 days to see results and I am on my 14th and when I look in the mirror, it looks like those "lip lines" above and below my lips are starting to recede! If this really works I'm a customer for life! Will keep you posted on day 28!

Rating: 5

dhea cream

I love your Antiaging Moisturizer. It was hard trying to find a cream that had DHEA without all the junk. I love the way it feels too.