Maximum Beta Glucan, 60 capsules, 400 mg

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Rating: 5

Fabulous company, fabulous products

I have been ordering Beta Glucan from Supplement Spot for a few years now after recommendations from a friend. We are both in Australia. I can;t praise the product or company highly enough. Product arrives within days of ordering Amazing Thank you so much

Rating: 5

Great product

I have been taking this for several years. I noticed early on that it helped lesson some of the (this portion has been deleted). I continue to take it to help my immune system in general. Message from Supplement Spot: Sandy, thanks for the kind words but we had to delete a portion of your review. According to the FDA, we are not aloud to claim that our products can treat or cure any disease or ailment. This even goes for customer reviews. Feel free to brag about our Maximum Beta Glucan on forums not associated with Supplement Spot. In fact, we hope you do!

Rating: 5

Excellent product. Best kept secret in the medical industry.

REVIEW DELETED: U.Z. thank you for the kind words but the Food and Drug Administration prohibits us from making claims that our vitamins and supplements can cure or treat a disease or ailment. This goes for customer reviews as well. Please feel free to post on forums that are not tied to Supplement Spot. We hope you do. Live Long and Love Life Your Friends at Supplement Spot

Rating: 5

very happy

I have been taking 3 tablets a day for the past three years. I have been feeling a lot better since then.

Rating: 5

Life Saver

I tell everybody about your Maximum Beta Glucan. Truly a life saver!

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