Green Tea Extract, 180 capsules, 400 mg

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Rating: 5

breen tea

No need to spend a lot of money on antioxidants. Green Tea is the best and Supplement Spot's is the best of the best. I take a 2 day and feel great.

Lucky Phill
Rating: 5

Great product

Have been using this product for a number of years. I would recommended green tea extract for body health and wellbeing. Keeps my weight down as well.

William Fitzgerald
Rating: 5

I take it every day

I take the Green Tea Extract everyday as part of a daily routine of fish oil, maximum prostate, vitamins for better health and lower cholesterol.

Simone/ Stephanie Schilthuis
Rating: 5

Love your green tea extract

Love your green tea extract. Think it's really helping keep my weight down, and energy up. thanks!!! Simone

Martha Lynch
Rating: 5

Quality Vitamins and Supplements

I've been ordering from Supplement Spot for several years now. I found the site after searching for reputable online sites that sell quality vitamins and supplements. It's not as if I could really tell the difference from taking good quality or poor quality green tea so I needed to be assured that my money was being spent on a reliable company. And I think it has.