Maritime Pine Bark Extract, 120 capsules, 100 mg

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Rating: 5


Top quality product and service, one of the best suppliers I've used.

Rating: 4.5

very happy

I hope the price. stays reasonable never any trouble with the order I am very happy with this product for joint.... REST OF REVIEW IS DELETED. Message From Supplement Spot: Thanks for the kind words Mischa but we are not allowed to make any claims that our supplements can treat or cure any disease or ailment. It's against FDA regulations. Unfortunately, this also goes for customer reviews. Feel free to boast about our Maritime Pine Bark on forums not associated with Supplement Spot. In fact, we hope you do! Live Long and Love Life Your Friends at Supplement Spot

Rating: 4.5

many benefits

I was told by a friend to take your Maritime a few months ago for my cholesterol. It's been helpful but its the unexpected benefits that have been a treat. My joints are thanking me and I seem to have new energy. I wonder if it's my overall health or that I'm encouraged to just move around more because my joints are welcoming it. Maybe its both. Please don't stop selling this

Rating: 5

!00% ok

I am very satisfied concerning the product. The shipment to Europe is expensive.

Rating: 4

Maritinme Pine Bark Extract

Have not been on the capsules for very long but prior to ordering these I was taking Maritime :Pine Bark in powder form and hated having to mix it each day, besides it was very costly to purchase and have shipped. I checked out a lot of sites and found yours and so far am very happy, especially with the price. I take this supplement for circulation, especially in the legs and firmly believe it is a superior supplement and will. It has proven to be a wonderful supplement, one that I would recommend to anyone! I will continue to purchase as long as the cost stays the same.

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